"Unforgettable days. Chörten offers the best in Asia in attention and service. I highly recommend! "


Alessandra Rastelli (Bragança Paulista)

Travel to India with Expert Accompaniment in Aug 2022

“I loved the trip, wonderful itinerary, local guides, care, transport, hospitality and the exquisite attention to each passenger! Chörten's presence is wonderful! I want it to continue as it is. Traveling with Chörten is an experience in all physical and spiritual senses. Fun and learning! It's the second time I've had this opportunity. Both were unforgettable! I only have one word: Gratitude.”


Rose Palermo Brenelli (Campinas)

Travel to India with Expert Accompaniment in Oct 2015 and Aug 2022

“Chörten's service was extremely careful with all the details, from boarding to disembarkation. Chörten is very knowledgeable about the regions visited. The trip was one of deep learning with Chörten's teachings and experience throughout the trip. Every detail of the trip was planned and executed with great care and attention. I highly recommend!”


Vanderlei Kroetz (Blumenau)

Travel to India with Independent Organization and Expert Accompaniment Apr 2022

“I have lived with my family in India for many years and from time to time my wife with our 2 children need to go to Brazil to renew their visas to India. This is usually a manageable task as we already have a lot of experience. But, on his recent trip to Brazil during Covid, from December 2021 to March 2022, it was very difficult. Constantly changing rules and requirements and also on the way back my wife and daughter tested positive for Covid just before their scheduled flight back to India.
This was a very difficult situation, and without Chörten's incredibly dedicated support, it could easily have become a nightmare. Words cannot express my gratitude for the tireless support of Chörten who stretched us out literally day and night until my wife and children could finally return to India after their flight was rescheduled 3 times.
Chörten's support and kindness has been excellent in every way, and all I can say now is: Thank you, Chörten, with all my heart! May God bless you for the love and support he has shown us.
I sincerely recommend Chörten – who also has a deep knowledge of the cultures of India, Nepal and Bhutan – to anyone who is planning to travel to these countries and who needs support in organizing the trip or a guide who understands the culture during their journey.
One more thing I would like to share: even if you just need a very kind human being to talk to, I would highly recommend Chörten as it would be a perfect choice for that too.
Thanks again Chörten, hope we can welcome you to India soon _/\_


Kayesh Novaes (Germany)

Travel to India with Independent Organization in Dec 2021

“Chörten has a professionalism that always reveals great lightness, delicacy, seriousness and knowledge! I have followed his work closely for almost a decade, and I am continually amazed at the genuineness and dedication revealed in it. I have lived in India for over 16 years and traveling between Brazil and India is part of my routine. In these countless experiences, traveling alone, accompanied, with my baby, with my children, with other children without the presence of parents, with groups and also in this time of pandemic, the unforeseen are almost certain in these long journeys and nothing better than being able to count with someone who gives us confidence. I feel extremely blessed to have as a great friend at Chörten, whenever I needed professional guidance he was immediately available to contribute, punctually doing what was necessary for the flow of the trip!
Chörten's readiness to carry out detailed research in unusual and delicate cases, such as in the midst of the covid pandemic, is admirable, given the numerous rules that are constantly changing. I still have in my mind the image of Chörten with two phones in hand, at dawn, trying to talk directly to the airline because of mismatched information and flight changes. In the end, the necessary changes were processed in the best way and the trip went very well.
I would certainly recommend Chörten and the range of unique jobs the company offers both for first-time travelers and for those who already have some experience. The organization, comfort and harmony of the trip will undoubtedly be guaranteed!


Sonia Novaes (Campinas, having lived for many years in Rishikesh and now in Auroville)

Travel to India with Independent Organization in Dec 2021

"Personalized service, trip assembly adapted to the traveller's interests, assistance and permanent care during the trip."


Jyun Onuma (Sao Paulo)

Trip to India with Support from Local Operators in Apr 2019

“Organization and support given throughout the trip: essential and very punctual. Chörten surprised me with all the attention given, when I thought about doing this trip alone it was a mix of emotion and anxiety but with all the help everything went very safely and easy to deal with! I just have to thank Chörten, who ends up doing much more than he needs to.”


Lisa Rodrigues da Cunha Saud (Sao Paulo)

Trip to India and Bhutan with Support from Local Operators in Mar 2019

“The services, assistance and dedication, super care at all times during the trip. Very important in health and safety matters. The exchange of experiences!!!! I just imagine the situations in which I could have been involved if I didn't have this support. I consider that the service offered by Chörten is possibly the most complete, efficient and attentive there is. Thanks for all the support, especially involving health and safety issues. It is excellent."


Yasmine Maggi (Porto Alegre)

Independent Organization Trip to India in Feb 2019

“The whole trip fully met our expectations. Although the places were known, the experiences are always unique. As for Chörten's services, they were and always are impeccable. The choice of independent travel exceeded our expectations. We feel fully cared for, oriented. Which is very important for initial trips (which is not our case) and for women. Tips on local culture, “health care”, maps, suggestions… everything was very important. Even when we choose to do other programs. The travel tips have also served to guide us in other missions we carry out in Brazil and other countries. Another important aspect for us is respect for our choices, we are a spiritual community and because of this we have our own rhythm, time and this was well understood.
Chörten is more than a travel company. It performs a humanitarian service in that it connects people and worlds that are very special and sometimes very different from each other. To immerse yourself in such ancient cultures requires preparation, respect and understanding, something the team transmits with great wisdom and responsibility. We made our sixth trip with Chörten, each in a different format (independent, group...). In all of them the care was the same. The mark of competence, kindness and sensitivity in guiding people and groups with unique needs was present in each one. The encounters with India, Nepal and Chörten are equal in their charm!”


Kilombola Community Morada da Paz -Territory of Mãe Preta (Porto Alegre)

Travel to India with Independent Organization in Feb 2019

“Chörten's personalized travel organization, flexibility to overcome difficulties in unexpected situations, super preparation and experience, honesty in commitments, are the great differences of this trip prepared to be something special, unforgettable and surprising.”


Guilherme von Ungern Sternberg (Ilhabela)

Travel to India and Nepal with Expert Accompaniment in Oct 2018

“We are travelers with some experience and, so to speak, loyal to our travel agent (personal friend). However, when I told her that I intended to travel to Bhutan, she promptly said that she could organize a trip, however, it would be better for us to look for a specialized operator in this destination as it is full of peculiarities.
My mother, through internet searches and conversations with friends, had already learned about Chörten and had good references. Thus, we had the happy idea of ​​contacting Guilherme. An additional factor was time: from the first contact to the date of shipment, the deadline was less than one month.
The organization of the trip deserves to be highlighted! Everything was organized in a customized way to meet the expectations we had (incidentally, quite different from those of the traditional traveler to these destinations!). It also included an extremely detailed briefing which, at first glance for those who already have some experience in 'different' travel, seemed unnecessary. Big mistake! Subjects such as appropriate clothing, care with food, customs (unique) of the local inhabitants, among other peculiarities, were addressed and that made a total difference for the trip to be a success!” Full feedback: here


Maria Tereza Forti and Thiago Forti Moltocaro (Campinas)

Trip to Nepal and Bhutan with Support from Local Operators in Apr 2018

“My admiration for the special services provided by Chörten started long before boarding, right when the first steps were taken to complete the trip and this admiration only grew throughout my experience in India, Nepal and Bhutan, making the experiences in these countries a big milestone in my life.”


Beatriz de Moraes (Curitiba)

Trip to India, Nepal and Bhutan with Support from Local Operators in Mar 2018

“Traveling to India with Chörten was one of the best experiences of my life. In addition to making new friends, this trip allowed us to live unforgettable moments, overcome barriers and make dreams come true. And this was only possible because we were able to count on the support and support of incredible people from the specialist and Chörten who were with us full time in a personalized, professional and very loving way. Here's a tip for those who want to travel there: 'You'll never be alone in India with Chorten'. Gratitude!"


Cris Czarlinski (Sao Paulo)

Travel to India with Expert Accompaniment in Nov 2017

“Attention from the first contact to send details of the script and care for each member of the group. Not to mention the expert's knowledge and Chörten's guidance, which made the trip even more special. In addition to being specialized in India, the script was amazing. With wonderful places. In addition to having the opportunity to get out of tourist destinations, socialize with locals and learn a lot at every moment. It was the differential of itineraries, small groups and the experience in India that made me choose Chörten. Getting to know India was one of my dreams. And traveling through these lands through art was an experience that I will take with me forever. For sure a unique experience and very well organized by Chörten. I will definitely consider you for new trips out there 🙂 “


Graziella Ferrari (Sao Paulo)

Travel to India with Expert Accompaniment in Nov 2017

“The care of the entire team. At no time was I helpless or unanswered to any questions. The entire trip is thought out with care and affection by the Chörten team and this is reflected in a smooth journey, closely monitored. The business-client relationship was as personalized as possible! You really feel taken care of! Thank you all for the great trip!”


Bruna Siqueira (Sao Paulo)

Travel to India with Expert Accompaniment in Nov 2017

“What I liked most was the concern and promptness of Chörten throughout the period of our trip; even though he is not physically present among us. Getting to know Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan was an enriching experience, culturally and spiritually. Chörten's support was excellent, keeping us safe throughout the trip. "


Mitsuko Shiguematsu (Campinas)

Travel to India with Expert Accompaniment in Oct 2017

“The trip and itinerary were a wish. Know new cultures. Chörten's services were very good, we had a lot of security.”


Maura Franco (Campinas)

Trip to Nepal and Tibet with Support from Local Operators in Oct 2017

“Getting to know countries I've always dreamed of, living with people who have a different lifestyle and worldview. I liked the agency's attention and constant care, it brings confidence and tranquility.”


Ivan Souza (Campinas)

Trip to Nepal and Tibet with Support from Local Operators in Oct 2017

“The place is wonderful and we always feel secure about care and services. It was like you were by our side on a daily basis. Excellent service and follow-up, I just have to thank you.”


Luiz Cantidio Jr (Sao Paulo)

Trip to India with Support from Local Operators in Jul 2017

“The trip met and went beyond my expectations. The places visited, the opportunities for courses, blessings, also from the extreme zeal of those responsible for the group. It was an unforgettable experience, I never imagined experiencing it…..and it happened!!!! Immense gratitude to everyone involved who allowed this trip.”


Rose Palermo Brenelli (Campinas)

Travel to India with Expert Accompaniment in Oct 2015




“The trip was great, full of unprecedented experiences and a really cool program both from the tourist point and from a very enriching spiritual point of view. A very good group where the understanding and understanding of others was very respectful. I would make a next one to Nepal and Bhutan.”


Carlos Roberto Palermo (Campinas)

Travel to India with Expert Accompaniment in Oct 2015




“Our trip to India, Nepal and Bhutan was wonderful! Chörten works with excellent operators in the countries we visit, it has given us experience, security and a very affectionate personalized service.”


Sílvia Rocha and family (Cotia)

Trip to India and Nepal with Support from Local Operators in Jan 2015




“What I liked most about my trip and/or services was the care and attention of Chörten. Visits to Hindu temples and museums were very good. I believe within what was proposed. I doubt it can be improved.”


Délio Delmaestro (Victoria)

Travel to India with Expert Accompaniment in Jul 2014




“VIP Accompaniment!! Chörten team and local guides super hyper attentive to everyone in the group!!! Service from you as a whole from the organization to the conclusion of the trip was a show!!! Great!!! Grade 10!!! Everything 100%!!!”


Andrea Ribas (Curitiba)

Travel to India with Expert Accompaniment in Jul 2014




“Traveling with Chörten has been a huge satisfaction. We were in India and Nepal and what we most appreciated was the possibility of building our own itinerary in detail, taking into account our interests and personal conditions. Our interest is in trips that contemplate the local culture, different religious expressions and moments of pilgrimage. Every moment of our itinerary was thought of in common and monitored throughout the trip. E-mail and telephone support are a differential in those moments of doubt and mediation with local teams. Travel tips are wonderful, useful and fun, don't forget to read! The Morada da Paz community thanks the team for their competence and affection! Namaste!!! Rain of Light!!! ComPaz"


Sara Jane Santos (Porto Alegre)

Trips to India and Nepal with Expert Accompaniment, Supported by Local Operators and Independently Organized in Jan 2010, Jan 2011, Mar 2012, Jul 2014 and Jan 2019




“I loved everything I saw in Tibet. I recommend this trip.”


Maria Teresa Chamma (Sao Paulo)

Travels to India, Nepal and Tibet with Expert Accompaniment in Nov 2012 and May 2014




“The trip was unforgettable, fun, profound: there couldn't be a better way to get to know Nepal and Bhutan!”


Camila Kouyomdjian (Sao Paulo)

Trip to Nepal and Bhutan with Expert Accompaniment in Apr 2014




“I was surprised with the service provided by Chörten. The service, program and services were perfect! The friendliness and knowledge of the guides is impressive! The trip, hotels, places visited, everything is simply wonderful!! The group made up of very special people! In short: perfect!!! Thank you Chörten team and congratulations to everyone!!!”


Silvio Vartan Kouyomdjian (Sao Paulo)

Trip to Nepal and Bhutan with Expert Accompaniment in Apr 2014





“My deep gratitude to Chörten. Unparalleled experience with dear friends. Walking with Chörten through this unimaginable world of Nepal and Bhutan and getting to know it with the wealth of details and affection with which the team presented us is a unique opportunity for life, in which so many truths become relativized and life begins to follow even more beautiful.”


Vera Helena Castanho (Campinas), Apr 2014

Trip to Nepal and Bhutan with Expert Accompaniment in Apr 2014



“I traveled for the second time with Chörten. The first time it was a group trip and this time a solo trip. The Chörten team is very special, I received all the help I needed in choosing the flights, itinerary, alternative tours, accommodation… Everything according to what I was looking for! The trip is programmed according to your goals! All with a lot of patience to answer questions, resolve unforeseen events and take care of us on the other side of the world! I recommend!"
“In 2010 we made a beautiful pilgrimage. I believe we were the first group of Brazilians to visit so many sacred places. Passing through places known as Bodhgaya and also through special corners, where access is more difficult, such as Sankisa.
Even today I close my eyes and feel the emotions and experiences of such a rich journey vibrating in my heart. The team acts as guardian angels, guiding and opening the way.”


Ana Lima and Mihay Freire (Rio de Janeiro)

Trips to India and Nepal with Expert Accompaniment and Support from Local Operators in Jan 2010 and Feb 2014



“In general terms, Chörten provided me with the journey of my dreams, bringing to my eyes the evocations of the imagination that have existed since my childhood. The virtual and personal accompaniment of Chörten's management provided me with complete security throughout the course of this sweet, exciting and magical journey. I was happy to contribute at least to the social and environmental projects that Chörten seeks to associate itself with. Gratitude!"


Rosalia Filizola (João Pessoa)

Travel to Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia with Expert Accompaniment in Jan 2014



“Congratulations to Chörten for the organization, support and constant presence! We feel the distinctive, personalized 'touch' that only those who do what they like and have an eye for detail can give!”


Erik Camarano (Brasilia)

Trips to India, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia with Expert Accompaniment Feb 2013 and Jan 2014




“Unforgettable trip, first-rate service and grade 10 learning.”


Ana Carla Leme (Bragança Paulista)

Trip to Nepal and Bhutan with Expert Accompaniment in Apr 2013




“Many gratitude to everyone who participated in the trip. Local guides, dear friends and the Chörten team, all were great.”


Cristina de Medeiros (Bragança Paulista)

Trip to Nepal and Bhutan with Expert Accompaniment in Apr 2013




“Experiencing Buddhism in Bhutan and Nepal… this trip was dreamed of with great affection and definitely without Chörten and all its unique concept, services, sensitivity and care, we could never have experienced it the way it was…”


Roberta Pupo (Bragança Paulista)

Trip to Nepal and Bhutan with Expert Accompaniment in Apr 2013




“What I liked the most was the affection, welcome and security of traveling with Chörten. You are involved in a web of care that you just have to enjoy and enjoy. So much so that I start saving din din for the next trip with Chörten. In this I will take my son Guilherme and maybe friends!!!
It's great to be alone as I have been, with freedom and feeling safe in transfers and check-ins, especially. In each airport or city, everyone was careful so that NOTHING went wrong, and I felt the need to have this security in all of them. Friends asked me about the fear of walking alone. I AFFIRM that this feeling I didn't have!!!! I was with two scouts, Guilherme and Sarah, friends of the heart!!!
For the second time I write in the clouds THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! A big hug, kisses with love"


Neiva Votto (Rio Grande)

Trips to India and Nepal with Expert Accompaniment in Jan 2010 and Mar 2013




“Thank you so much to Chörten for the wonderful experience!
Always willing to help us and always in high spirits.
Thank you very much, team Chörten!!”


Felipe Ikehara (Sao Paulo)

Travel to India with Expert Accompaniment Feb 2013




“This was my second trip to India and I was surprised by the quality of the hotels, the teams of guides and local support, besides the care that each one of us received from Guilherme and the leader of this group, Tiffani, throughout the journey.
I was very grateful that the itinerary provided visits to very special places, with time to admire, contemplate and often meditate. That is, being present and enjoying each experience intensely.
When I decided to make this trip and spend my birthday with a group of 'strangers', confidence pulsed inside me. But my expectations were all exceeded, and I am immensely grateful to the Chörten team, in the person of Sarah, and to each of my new and dear fellow travelers – the memory of those days remains in my heart.”


Rachana Reschke (Sao Paulo)

Travel to India with Expert Accompaniment Feb 2013

“In 2013 I offered the first Art Trip organized and assisted by Chörten with an eye for so many details, even more so in countries like India, which really means knowing how to dance in chaos. We made a great partnership and other beautiful groups formed for the following years. As an artist and with a few years of living in India, I was able to develop with Chörten the accompaniment of groups that want to experience Asia for real, get “wet” in the waters of the Ganges, ride a rikshaw (tuk-tuk), be welcomed in workshops and family houses, in a respectful and very rich way promoting the meeting of cultures and which is possible even only in smaller groups, which is how we do and with common searches. I think Chörten defines its audience very well, which benefits travelers and, above all, creates bonds with new people and unforgettable precious memories.”


Tiffani Gyatso (Extreme)

Trip to India and Nepal with Expert in Jan 2013, Trip to Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia in Jan 2014 and Trip to India with Expert in Nov 2017

“What I liked most about the trip was the opportunity to be in contact with an extremely different culture, and in an incredible landscape! Being able to live deep experiences of self-knowledge and contact with spirituality.
What I liked the most about Chörten's services was being able to provide me with an extremely organized, safe trip, very well guided by Guilherme and the local guides, offering me all the necessary structure for my maximum comfort and safety during the trip. It was a personalized and differentiated service to meet our needs and interests. And that manages very well to organize all the necessary structure to provide us with a cultural trip, with comfort and safety. I didn't have to worry about anything… everything was solved by the Chörten team. I realized that it is a work developed with a lot of commitment and compassion! Congratulations on the excellent work!”


Tatiana Araujo (Sao Paulo)

Trip to India, Nepal and Bhutan with Support from Local Operators and Expert Accompaniment in Jan 2012 and Jan 2013




“Congratulations for the organization, congratulations for the deep cultural and tourist knowledge, congratulations and thank you for your dedication. You made our trip to India so beautiful! Thank you!
Our trip to India was a great success! This one, based entirely on the joint programming of Chörten with our profile and respect throughout the execution.”


Adriana von u Sternberg and Gloria Jaramillo (Ilhabela)

Trip to India Supported by Local Operators in Dec 2012




"It was one of the best and rewarding trips I've ever taken."


Sumie Wada (Sao Paulo)

Travel to India with Expert Accompaniment in Nov 2012




“I am going to India, Nepal and Bhutan for a month with a friend. The pre-trip report is very important, as it is at this moment that Chörten's work is largely concentrated. After four months researching agencies and trying to organize this trip, we realized that this would be an extremely complicated task for people here in Brazil who have no contacts in the countries surveyed. Halfway through, we found Chörten, who managed to plan absolutely everything, from logistics, reservations, tour suggestions and airline tickets. What impressed us was the kind of service that Chörten provides. Because we travel a lot, we have a lot of contact with travel agencies, which has always left a job to be desired. The interesting thing about Chörten is that they don't throw a ready-made itinerary and a ticket in your hand, but rather manage to carefully and carefully take care of a personalized trip and bring you all the cultural aspects of the countries to be visited before you board. Not to mention the extreme and detailed organization of tickets, visas, reservations and contact numbers.”


Veridiana Domingos (Sao Paulo)

Trip to India Supported by Local Operators in Nov 2012




“I thank Chörten for all her attention to me. I am also grateful for the opportunity to participate in Yatra as rare as it is necessary for our lives.”


Thais Barbosa Souza (Monguaga)

Travel to India with Expert Accompaniment in Oct 2012




"I highly recommend it."


Cintia Levorin (Manaus)

Trip to India with Support from Local Operators in Apr 2012




“The organization was perfect, I didn't have to worry about anything. The best thing for me was being able to talk and get tips from a person who really knows the place that is referring us.”


Adriana Pianetti (Belo Horizonte)

Trip to India Supported by Local Operators in Nov 2011