Our work

Share Experience

Our main objective is to share our experience of 22 years traveling, living, organizing and accompanying trips in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, very important regions in our lives, with the aim that your experiences e Learnings also are os but positives e significant possible.

Quality of Your Travel Experience

Our job is to put together extremely personalized travel programs, prepare you for your trip, organize your trip and accompany you very closely in person or online during your days in India, Nepal, Bhutan. and Tibet. Today we are the most experienced in this profession in Brazil, as surely as we are among the most experienced in India, Nepal, other countries in Europe and North America. the level of care which we have com each um of these supports is reflected na quality the experiences e utilization Both of you Travellers Chörten, (reports here),

Differentiated Format

Together with our experience, we combine our way of traveling in these regions with a very different work structure, which allows us to offer these services extremaments custom, supporting each Traveller de crafts bem next, com os top values do market. understand our working format: here