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Chörten's story began with mountaineering and, soon after, with the study and practice of Buddhism na India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. These two topics and environments have an extremely close relationship with these regions of the world, an important influence on the profile and quality of our work.


On the trek to Everest base camp, in the Nepalese side, there is a moment on the trail where we come across a beautiful combination of two images: a traditional sherpa stupa(tib: chörten, more here) with the eyes of Buddha, and the very beautiful imposing Amadablam mountain. In addition to being important symbols of these specific Khumbu Valley and Sherpa culture, they actually represent many cultures, values and geographies of these regions of the world. From northern Pakistan and Afghanistan to Bhutan and Myanmar, from the Tibetan plateau to South India and Sri Lanka, they have been developing for at least 5 thousand years knowledges about the functioning of our minds with incredible quality, precision and very effective methods of training of our inner qualities. Consequently, knowledge about social and environmental relationships that until today are very updated and important for the modern ways of life in which we live.


Thus, we use the Chörten's logo and name as supports for our practices and work, always reminding us of our true nature.