Networks and Partnerships


We traveled together for the first time in India in 2008. Through Actveda, Renata Mendes, self-awareness expert, social entrepreneur and student of the Vedas, offers a rich opportunity to explore India, connecting intent and action by bringing awareness to individual and global changes during this journey. When we organize a new edition of Travel with Soul in India, we will publish it here.

Drukpa Brazil

Since the first trip to India and Nepal we took together in 2006, Mud Jigme Lhawang, director of the Institute of Contemplative Sciences and the Drukpa lineage Buddhist centers in Brazil and the Americas, has been accompanying groups on Buddhist journeys in Nepal, Northern India and Ladakh. When we organize a new trip, we will post it here.

Lonavala Institute

In partnership with the yoga teacher Silvia Meireles, we organized a very special trip to the small town of Lonavala and other regions of India for a course and contact with different institutes, ashrams and yoga traditions in India. When we organize a new Yoga Lonavala trip in India, we will post it here.

Morgado Expeditions

A partner for many years, Morgado Expedições, under the direction of Manoel Morgado, offers trekking and climbing to the highest mountains on the planet. We can help you with our experience and assistance on Morgado Expeditions trekking and climbing in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet.

Yatra Project

Filmed during a series of Buddhist pilgrimages in 2010, under the direction of the filmmaker Melissa Flores, the movie Project Yatra will tell about his experience and that of some other travelers during this precious and meaningful journey.

Tiffani H. Gyatso

A dream of many years, when we lived in the same Buddhist community, Tiffani Gyatso, who studied Tibetan Buddhist Art in India and offers courses throughout Brazil, today takes groups to different regions of Asia to study and contemplate the art of these cultures. When we organize a new edition of Art Trip in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, we will publish it here.

Yogaia Brazil

Friends for a long time, from the time when Guilherme lived in Ilhabela, Lili Lakshmi is graduated by the Sociedade Brasileira de Yoga Integral, Professor of the training course Sociedade Brasileira de Yoga Integral and regularly attends the Casinha do Yoga. For over 17 years he has studied various Yoga schools and methods, such as Swasthya Yoga, Uniyoga, Hatha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Integrative Yoga, Biopsychology, ARYM (Ayurvedic Restorative Yoga Massage) and YogaLivre. It conducts heterogeneous groups (adults, youth and children) as well as individualized practices, always oriented towards continuous improvement in the search for self-knowledge. When we organize a new edition of the Integral Yoga trip in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, we will publish it here.

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Yoga Kamla

We started our partnership in 2017 with the organization of the Yoga Kamla trip to South and North India. With a very cozy and quiet space in Granja Vianna, SP, and now with online classes, Anna Beatriz Cattoni organizes many very special events related to Yoga, including social work with Yoga and education. When we organize a new edition of the Yoga Kamla trip in India we will publish it here.