terrestrial part

Chörten assistance 24/7 during your trip, from boarding to returning to Brazil. With our experience, within the possibilities in these countries, we quickly solve any type of unforeseen that may happen in the best possible way, as we can easily assist you with any information and tip you need;

Arrivals and Departures are made with assistance from our current local partners in Delhi and Kathmandu with whom Guilherme Samel, director of Chörten, will be in contact by phone. In this way, Chorten accompanies your arrival, from before your flight lands until it arrives at your hotel, and on your departure, from your hotel to the airport;

Visits as mentioned in the travel program with tickets included. If by chance there is any special opportunity for extra activity consistent with the theme of the trip, the travel specialist may suggest changing the order of visits, such as, more rarely, exchanging a visit for this activity;

local guides will accompany the group on visits to monuments and other tours in general, except in a few regions that the Brazilian travel specialist knows well and is more pleasant to visit without guides or when mentioned accordingly in the travel program. In travel programs and extensions with local guides, their presence and assistance is more constant, most of the time on all tours and days of the trip, as mentioned in the program description.

land transport on all visits, transfers and trips in the group's own vehicles with extra care as the number of seats used for each group size and corresponding vehicle, there is no need to use seats when they are not reclining and luggage space a little larger than what is often offered in these countries;

Hotels in double rooms at the hotels mentioned on the hosting page. In general, check-ins are at 14:12 and check-outs at XNUMX:XNUMX. If you need an earlier check-in on your arrival or a later check-out on your departure from Delhi/Kathmandu, please let us know so we can check prices and make reservations as you wish.

Single room supplement in case of your preference or need if you are not a partner for accommodation in a double room;

Food: breakfasts are included in hotel rates for all trips. Specifically in the Ladakh region and in Bhutan lunch and dinner are also included except bottled drinks;

Briefing: we will talk in person or through Meet about important practical travel tips in these countries, they will help a lot in the preparations, for example, from what to bring, how to arrive and how to travel. With our experience and experience of over 22 years in these countries, it is one of our many important responsibilities to help you to better understand the peculiarities of these cultures and, thus, make the most of your time and experiences on your trip;

Visas and Special Permissions to Bhutan and Tibet in travel programs to these regions are included in the terrestrial part;

Does not include:

– Meals and drinks except breakfast (except on days in Ladakh and Bhutan which include lunch and dinner as mentioned above). On average we can consider that with US$ 35 a day we eat very well in these countries, depending on what, where and how much we eat. In big cities like Delhi the value can be a little higher and in smaller cities like Rishikesh much lower;

– Transport where not mentioned in the program;

– Tips (very important in these cultures), except for trips with specialists with support from local operators, which we take care of for the most part, leaving around US$ 8 per day, explained carefully in the trip briefing;

– Voluntary contributions to monasteries, temples and Dharma teachers that we can find while traveling;

– Visas for India and Nepal. know more here;

– Travel insurance: very important and therefore highly recommended. Check with your credit card if they offer travel insurance if you use it to buy an international ticket;

– Entrance fees to the monuments for a camera and/or camcorder, when applicable;

– Program changes in case of political, natural, climatic, flight cancellation, epidemic, new fees and taxes, etc. by governments and/or local service providers in Brazil/India/Nepal/Bhutan/Tibet;

Domestic Air

Class economical;

Promotional Rates (from local operators / different from online rates), when there is as confirmed by travelers and purchases in advance, they will be passed on in full to travelers;

Maximum weight allowed for checked bag on flights within India: 15kg, between India/Nepal/Bhutan/Tibet: around 20kg. Excess weight may be charged by the airline at check-in: around US$ 7 per extra kg;

Values ​​subject to change no prior notice from airlines;

International Flights

advance: in general, the sooner we issue our tickets, the better fares and routes we find. Promotional rates are unpredictable, tend to run out very quickly and have extremely high fees for any kind of changes in the future. These, when made available, are very worthwhile if we have very certain round-trip dates, that is, the main programs and extensions that we will make;

Buy: it is always prudent to wait for confirmation from the group to purchase the international air ticket. We confirm our groups with a very small number of people;

More information: on here;

Service Providers, Infrastructure and Local Cultures

We have extensive experience in operating travel in these countries. We work with the best local partners within the possibilities of each region. Even so, it is important to keep in mind that the quality of local services and infrastructure (hotels, transport, food, etc) are not the same as in Brazil, Europe and North America. Most of the time they will surprise us very positively, for example, for their human qualities and, sometimes, even for the technical aspect of the service. But unforeseen and problems must happen. It is work, responsibility and pleasure even on the part of Chörten to anticipate them and, when necessary, take care of circumventing them in the best possible way. So that, in this way, Travelers have the most important responsibility: to enjoy the trip in the most peaceful, pleasant and profitable way possible. As part of this responsibility, we understand that we are traveling in these incredible countries and cultures, very different from ours in many ways and that teach us so much.


With the preparations for the trip well taken care of, with all our assistance and support, from boarding the flight here in Brazil until your return, you will see that your trip will be very smooth, well cared for, very well enjoyed, fun, with significant lessons that we will bring from come back and they will be of great value to us in our lives.


Each region of these countries has its peculiarities with regard to accommodation, domestic air, special permits, visas and weather services that we are very used to working with and we will explain them carefully in our briefing. We consider it important that you, as a Chörten Traveller to these two specific regions, already understand these points about Bhutan (here) and Tibet (here).


For the land and domestic air part, it is the dollar tourism sale most recently closed, at 17 pm, on the last or current business day, depending on the day of payment and indicated on the website:


For international flights, it is the specific exchange rate for purchasing international tickets, which usually has a value between the commercial sale and tourism dollar, to be checked at the time of purchase.

Cancellation Policies

Os Supports Chörten, are 100% refundable until each Support begins to be delivered individually as described above (here).


The cancellation policies of providers de services locations take effect from the moment of payment of the down payment, when our partners start working MUCH harder than usual, to meet the level of care that we have in this important moment of the trip. With the second payment for confirmation of accommodation reservations, purchase of air and train tickets as explained below (here), cancellation policies vary from service provider to service provider (hotels, airlines, etc). In general, cancellations up to 60 days before the start of the trip have their payments refunded almost in full, with small cancellation fees from local airlines, train tickets, hotels, local operators and banks. From 45 days before the start of the trip, cancellation fees increase gradually, varying from service provider to service provider. Still, we will definitely do our best and talk to each service provider to see what we can get for a refund even after this date. With regard to airline tickets specifically, each airline and fare has its own cancellation policy.


Chörten support and local operators (land part, single room supplement when available and domestic air):


Signal: value corresponding to Chörten Support;

Confirming hotel reservations and purchasing domestic air tickets: 50% of the value of local operators;

Local operators balance: up to 60 days before the trip;


For payment via Chörten account, we request payment in the morning in the time zone of Brazil so that we can make the transfer to local operators with less risk of exchange variation.

Travel with us!

To confirm your travel program we ask:

- Application form: on here
- Copy (scan) of passport: more information here
- Signal: more information here


Advantages to confirm the place of the trip as soon as possible:

– The earlier the trip and groups are confirmed, the greater the chances of getting the best possibilities for hotels in each region and the better rates we get with domestic airlines;

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