Understand your travel program:

Expertise and Motivation

Our main motivation is to offer the best possible support, from setting up your travel program, preparing, organizing and monitoring your trip so that you can experience the most fruitful and meaningful experiences possible in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. You will surely get to know us during your trip, it is not a commercial motivation. But that in an extremely professional way we share our experience, let's make it easy e let us support his days in these countries, which are quite important in our lives.

Field Knowledge

We understand that today we are the travel agency in Brazil with greater field knowledge in travel arrangements throughout India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. You will benefit from the services of those who have been guiding, accompanying and organizing trips in these countries for over 21 years, and most of this time we are traveling, studying and living in these regions.

Business model

We seek to assimilate the nutritional e Learnings of many years in contact and studying in these countries. Transparency, helping in the best possible way, respect for your time and investment, respect for our time and dedication, taking care of many small details of your trip - which we know, personally accompanying hundreds of travelers in these regions for 21 years, are characteristics that together make differences from the very serious to the most subtle in the quality of your experiences – they are natural aspects of our work to facilitate and support your trip.

It is already included in your Travel Program with a Specialist

We know it's not a commercially interesting job format in the most common sense of the word. As we explained above, this is not our main motivation, from this point of view, but, among other aspects, we take care, for example, that don't be surprised during your trip. We know very well what we and you, Chörten Travelers, most often friends and friends of our friends, cherish most in our travels. So, in order to support and facilitate your experiences as much as possible, on thematic trips with Brazilian experts, we have already included a good part of the contributions to extra activities described and provided for in the travel programs, to the templesashrams e monasteries that we visit, like a good part of the tips which are not few: drivers, driver's assistants, transfer assistants, departures assistants, luggage carriers in hotels, train stations, shoe caretakers, guides and so on. As you can see, an important part of these cultures with a frequency and quantity quite different than here in Brazil, North America and Europe. We know very well that this way the final value of the land part increases significantly but that this value will be spent anyway during your trip in these countries. Still, we're able to provide that level of care for your experiences while delivering excellent value when we do the math for the actual value (explained below) and the end of your trip.

Your Trip Details

Details of your itinerary, such as choice, time and order of visits, development of experiences and contents that we have contact with, details on displacements, travel by car, train, plane, check-ins, check-outs, meals, all added, make a very big difference in the utilization of your trip, assembled for you. Thus, they are designed and organized in an extremely personalized way, so that you can enjoy your days in these countries with security, tranquility and quality.


We are and see you as a friend traveling with us, as travelers and not tourists. Thus, we plan our programs and visit each destination in a very different way, from what even our own local partners are used to. You will travel very smoothly, respecting e taking care of of their interests during our days in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.


Hotels in these countries, even those belonging to international chains, are not usually managed (maintenance, cleaning and technical capacity of their professionals) as in Brazil. We also need to think that the cultural differences are so many between what we are used to and what we will live in these countries, as well as the amount of information we will receive on the streets and walks, that we can rest at the end of the day in a bed and room clean makes a really big difference in our enjoyment of the trip. We often hear from our friends, Chörten Travelers, before travelling, that 'simple and clean hotels are enough'. We agree 100%, but we also know well, from many years of experience, that in these countries this issue is much more delicate and complex than it appears from our references in Brazil. Wherever possible we work (on trips with our booking support and specialists) with Radisson, Ramada and Holiday Inn category hotels. Except when their rates are too high for what we would like to offer Chörten Travelers, as is the case in the city of Delhi. In these cases we opted for a slightly simpler category, hotels that we know well and have had good experiences recently, thus better value for money. In smaller cities where these categories of hotels do not exist, we work with hotels that have a combination of the best services and structure available, which we also know well, we know how they will receive us, with an appropriate and possible service for the structure of that city.


It will have the services of a 100% tourism agency formalized in Brazil. Thus, there will be no surprises or difficulties regarding the quality and format of contracted services, but clarity, security, tranquility and legal support in our country.

Local Service Providers

Another important point for the quality and tranquility of your experiences in these countries is the our follow up and, as far as possible, our management of the work of local service providers on your trip. We try to keep local partnerships for as long as possible, but keep in mind the different ways of working in some regions in these countries, it is important to have partnerships with several local service providers, more than one per region, as it is quite common to have to change partnerships at the last minute, even during travel. Thus, we always have backups so, with our experience and work taking care of all the local services, we guarantee as much as possible that transfers, assistance, reservations and all needs during your trip are offered in the best possible way.

Group size

Group size is essential to the quality of our experiences while traveling and, therefore, in thematic programs our groups are notable. maximum 12 people. In specific trips with long important lessons, we try to have a larger structure and not limit the number of places (in these cases we will inform you in advance). Specifically in trekking, with our partners of more than 21 years at Morgado Expedições, we have more than one guide, so we can have larger groups as well.

Number of Days in each Destination

We try as far as possible to visit each location with calm e quality. There's a big difference between being tourists and travelers. We identify ourselves and we will surely always provide you with the second way to travel! It is common for our local guides, when we agree on what we will do during the day, to ask us: and what will they do in the afternoon? It doesn't take them long to realize that we are not ordinary tourists. Our interest and way of enjoying each visit, walking, therefore time in each place, are really different.

Land Arrangements Value per day

An important calculation to understand and compare land arrangements of your trip is to divide it by the number of nights and days of services on your trip in these countries and not the days in transit (international air), in which naturally there is no land part included. That is, from the day we arrived until the day we left India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. This is one of the important points to analyze the value of your trip, along with all the other points listed here so that we can always make your choice easier.

Best Domestic Travelling

Another point that greatly influences the value of the trip is related to internal displacement, within or between India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. If by plane: how many flights and with which airlines. If by train: what class will you travel in, well-chosen routes and trains within India's possibilities. If in own vehicles: which vehicles. Small groups: newer, safer cars (within the possibilities in each region). Medium and large groups: buses with enough space for everyone, never fully occupied and, for example, we also do not consider the last seat in the back that generally bounces more and with a back that does not recline. They are details e care, who have been organizing trips and traveling with groups for over 21 years, who add up quite positively in their experiences on these trips, perhaps unique or first of many, in these regions of the world.


In addition to the information about travel arrangements to these countries being organized on our website in an easy-to-use way, different in many ways from our trips in Brazil, North America and Europe, we will have a briefing before your trip (choose the Support for your trip here) to share our experience, explain important questions cultural, de logistics e tips very practical. Among them, we'll talk about food safety, what kind of clothing to take for each region and time of year, traffic, means of transport, food safety, how to bargain, better enjoy your visits and your time, and so on.

Site Support

Our website is constantly updated to offer the latest information possible, such as visa issuing procedures for each country, different ways of working for local service providers in each region, arrival details in each city, restaurants, visits, hotels, roads, based on our own experiences, traveling and living for good part of the year in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.


You will always have Chörten very close to you following the progress of your trip, in person or by phone, Whatsapp, email, Google Meet and Zoom. On your themed group trip you will also have assistance from the Brazilian travel specialist. In each region of these countries as well, on trips with the Support of Local Teams in the Organization (here) will be assisted by our local partners, often friends with whom we have worked for many years and offer a differentiated service. With our Monitoring (here) will have our assistance available 24h per day in 7 days of the week.

Learning Opportunity

Finally, traveling and living in these countries is certainly a rare and valuable opportunity to review our nutritional vision, Forms of to live e we live together. We will do our best so that this possibility is facilitated and supported with our work. If I happen to share that point of view, then that support becomes mutual and our friendship, with that quality, is just beginning.