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Guilherme Samel works with travels in India, Nepal and Tibet since 2000. He guided cultural, thematic programs and trekkings in high altitude until 2008. In 2009 he began operating personalized and thematic trips, specializing in itineraries and accompanying groups to the Buddhist places in these countries and in Bhutan. Together the trips that he organizes and accompanies, whenever possible he is paddling, walking, cycling in the rivers and mountains of Nepal and India, studying topics such as emotional intelligence, leadership, education, philosophy and Buddhism. He develops works also in outdoor experiential education and human development in corporate environments, focusing in the exchange between the ancient wisdoms of the countries where he lives most of the time with our different modern contexts, as with the places where we live and where we work.


He created Chörten Travels in 2011 with a very different work format to be able to initially help his friends and friends of friends, consequently those who he has been meeting and exchanging meaningful experiences during their travels in these regions of the world, in a way that he can offer travel programs extremely personalized, with the level of carequality and follow-up that he values.