Work format to make these differentials possible

With all these years of work helping Travellers in these countries, we've experimented different ways of work. It is quite clear today that this, explained in detail below, is the format that best enables us to deliver what we consider and hear from Chörten Travellers (feedbacks here) to be the most important for the experiences and enjoyment of your trip:


For over 21 years we have personally accompanied, created and looked after hundreds of small and large groups of Travellers in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. We have one of the directions with the greatest experience with tourism in these destinations. Professional experience that is combined with our studies, own experiences and our own travelling in these regions.

Best possible use of your time and investment

In this way we know well a very large number of details that need to be considered and taken care of during assistance and in the operation of your trip, so that you can make the most of your time and experiences in these countries in a very relaxed way.


We have already experimented countless work formats, partnerships, etc. Today it is quite clear that taking care of your trip with our knowledge and experience, from the beginning of the preparations, during the trip in a very close way even when not in person (see: Feedbacks of Travellers Chörten here), until you return to your country, it makes a huge difference in the result of the service delivered, meaningful and positive experiences in your trip. So your trip will be taken care of from start to finish by whom knows these countries very well, their local services and possibilities.

Advantages and disadvantages

In order for the above points to be considered and appreciated, with their many positive aspects, a normal commercial format does not work. The type of organization that best illustrates our work, with their differences, are Buddhist centers and ashrams. As in these places, where we have lived for many years and have very close contact, we seek to have the best possible motivation (within our possibilities) in the work we offer, taking care of each Traveller and Trip. On the one hand, it is a very professional job, in the sense of trying to deliver the best possible service, responsibility, and so on. On the other hand, it doesn't work, to have a large team of employees, with different motivations and knowledge (also very noble ones but different) from those we value and want to offer you.


Our structure is, at the same time XNUMX% formalized in Brazil (soon we shall start a formal company in Nepal or India) and very mobile, so that we can be as close as possible to you during your trip, travelling and living in these countries most of the time. As explained above, we are intentionally small, which is a great challenge in view of the demand for our services, but which we will not change until it is possible to grow in the way we believe.

Local services

Unlike what happens 99,99% of the time, we do not receive travel programs from our local representatives and pass them on to you. Most of the time, we will work for weeks or months on your travel program, in every detail that we know will contribute to your experience and, taken together, will make a significant and positive difference. Likewise, we take care of numerous aspects of local services during your trip, such as who is travelling with us at the moment, because we know the difference they make in the quality of your experiences.


One of our pillars, working in these countries sometimes with a somehow seen more caothic or different structure then travellers are used to, is the organization of our work. Thus, we dedicate ourselves a lot so that each step of the journey, each procedure, is as organized and efficient as possible. Only in this way it is possible to take care of every detail in a calm way for everyone involved, especially you Chörten Traveller who will soon be on vacation enjoying your days here. Even so, we haven't arrived at the timing of large organizations, with countless employees. We will always continue to work in this direction. At the same time, we know that other priorities that we take care of on your trip will contribute much more to your experience here. I return to the image of Buddhist centers and ashrams, with other timings (respecting a bit more the possibilities and specifics of each moment), values ​​(such as the greatest possible care with the points that matter most) and priorities (the end result of your experience from a perhaps broader perspective). We see ourselves a lot in this way because we identify ourselves with these environments, qualities of human relations and service to you.

The Journey starts before arriving in Delhi and/or Kathmandu

In a way our trip and contact with the culture of these countries starts before arriving in Delhi or Kathmandu, as explained above. We hope you enjoy it a lot. Thank you so much for in some ways travelling together and consequent learnings in these cultures.